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Poster for the Dutch Illustration Biennial of 2020-2021.


Along with 10 other illustrators, the festival asked me to design a poster for one of the Dutch highest award-winning  films or documentaries of the past 40 years.

I chose the documentary Those Who Feel the Fire Burning by director Morgan Knibbe.


It's a fascinating documentary filmed from the perspective of a drowning immigrant in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to reach Europe. Like a ghost the camera flows through the darkest places of Europe, sometimes following a cockroach, sometimes floating upside down high above a European city.

Registrating true events this way, the film crosses boundaries between non-fiction, fiction, realism and surrealism.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Biennial is postponed until Spring 2021. The presentation of the poster is still planned for the upcoming Dutch Film Festival.

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