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GYS is a vegan/glutenfree restaurant on the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht, NL.


After the restaurant was renovated, the owner asked me to make a mural on a large empty wall in the heart of the restaurant.


So I made an art piece for him with reclaimed wood from old doors and flooring.

Amongst surreal imagery and elements, the final piece resembles an ecosystem on multiple levels.

Firstly the natural eco system of how food is organically and sustainably grown. This is woven into the ecosystem of loyal customers of Gys who are looking for that type of food and sustainable services. Gys therefore has been able to provide organic food at an affordable price for over 10 years.

If you have any comments or questions about the art piece, or if you are interested in such a work tailored specifically for your organisation, business, event or living room, feel free to

-Send me a message-

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